We’re a Canada-wide not-for-profit group working to empower everyone to feel comfortable learning beginner-friendly technical skills in a social, collaborative way.

Today we have chapters across Canada, thriving youth programs called Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code and a permanent workshop space at The Lab in Toronto. Oh, and we’re just getting started. Want to get involved? Contact us.

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Intro to HTML & CSS

If you are looking to get your feet wet when it comes to programming, then this is the workshop for you!




Introduction to Drupal

During this course on Drupal, we'll teach you how to build your own social network from the ground up!




Code & Coffee

Want to continue working on project you built at a workshop? Have a project of your own you need some help and inspiration to complete?


Workshop Style

Hands-on, project-based learning
Learn from industry-leading professionals
A small ratio of students to instructors
A social and collaborative learning environment

The Team

Laura Plant
Youth Program Director

Melissa Crnic
Operations & Expansions

Nicole Belanger
Sponsorship & Partnerships

David Wolever
Technical Logistics Lead

Kathryn Barrett
Youth Program Lead

Amanda McCusker
Youth Program Coordinator

Meredith Underell
Vancouver Chapter Lead

Rachel Aaron
Halifax Chapter Co-lead

Kelly McGregor
London Chapter Lead

Kylie & Darcie
Calgary Chapter Leads

Brittany & Marli
Saskatoon Chapter Leads

Bree Emmerson
Edmonton Chapter Lead

Eden Rohatensky
Regina Chapter Lead

Nicole LeBlanc
New Brunswick Chapter Lead

Michelle Simms
Newfoundland Chapter Lead

Erin O’Neil
Hamilton Chapter Co-Lead

Nancy Naluz
Montreal Chapter Lead

Erin Athene
Victoria Chapter Lead

Christine Whone
Barrie Chapter Lead

Caroline Cliche
Chapter Coordinator

Cassie Rhéaume
Technical Translator

Mallory Clyne
PR and Marketing Coordinator

Jane Maguire
Ottawa Chapter Co-Lead

Tiffany Tse
Ottawa Chapter Co-Lead

Meg Smith
Hamilton Chapter Co-Lead

Gab White
Halifax Chapter Co-lead

Jennifer Gagnon
Fundraising Coordinator

Jessica Gilfillan
Barrie Chapter Youth Lead

Ben Zifkin
Board of Directors Member

Julia MacPherson
Board of Directors Member

Ruth Buder
Toronto Chapter Co-Lead

Lindsay Fry
Toronto Chapter Co-Lead

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Peter Newhook

Peter Newhook

“Women are going to look at problems differently than men will, and come up with different solutions. As an industry we need more well trained women writing code.”

Kitty Shum
Senior Product Manager
Xtreme Labs

“After working in a male-dominated environment for years, I would love to encourage more ladies into this field. I still recall being able to count the number of girls with one hand for one of my 4th year Computer Science course. Coding and working with technology is not a scary thing, I want to help change that perception. I love technology and love what I do everyday! I want to share that passion with others and support a great community/organization.”

Wes Bos
Independent Web Developer

“All of the best things in my life are because of the community that surrounds them. With a group of people that are passionate about a certain topic, it fosters a community that allows for learning, sharing of knowledge and growth. I believe that sharing what you know with others is one of the best way to not only improve the community but also improve upon your skills. ”

Pearl Chen
Technologist + Educator

“For my entire professional career (especially while freelancing as a web developer), I have never found myself working with another professional female developer (except once when I was involved in the hiring process). So…where are you, ladies? What scared you off? I hope Ladies Learning Code will help me answer this.”


At Ladies Learning Code, we’re really grateful to the companies and organizations who appreciate what we’re doing and go out of their way to support us. They help to make what we do possible. Thank you to our awesome Gold- and Silver-level sponsors, and our community partners!

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